22nd March


1st April

Ready for the Farmer’s Market Cookery school

19th April

Blackstone Mill gets first dry assembly

21st April

French  Patisserie creation!

24th May

We get our Tea Garden back! - stocks and sails moved from the lawn and fan removed from the mill

22nd April

Mazda MX5 Club

17th May

Patriotic cup cakes!

28th May

Jubilee Afternoon Teas

10th June

Classic Car run

23rd June

Foundation Baking Class

25th August

All set up for the next baking class

17th July - how very sad

27th August - Food Tastings

8th September - Dan & Vicki’s wedding - our first wedding at the windmill

27th September

Return of “The Fixer” filming for the follow-up program and the launch of the proposed new company.

18th November - getting ready for the Christmas Farmers Market

13th December - Yule log class

22nd December - Christmas Stollen (guess which one is Martin’s!)